Weather Forecasting: Benefits and Scope

Countless changes and inventions have been introduced to us because of growing technology. Our life is becoming more and more convenient with every passing day and we are turning out be too highly dependent on technology for most of our important jobs. However, certain improvisations in satellite technology, a mind-blowing growth in the communication field and outstanding rises in computing power have showered us with unlimited benefits. One such benefit that has shaped our lifestyle and standard of living in an unprecedented way is weather forecasting.

What is weather forecasting?

The highly advanced application of science and technology used to foresee the upcoming circumstances of the atmosphere for a particular place at a specific time is regarded as weather forecasting. Many people have tried to forecast the weather for hundreds of years. However, it started formally by the means of technology in the 19th century only. Weather forecasts are generally conducted by accumulating measurable data regarding the present condition of the atmosphere of a particular location and figuring out how it will change in the days to come.


There was a time when this forecasting process was dependent on human-only endeavors such as fluctuations in barometric pressure, present weather conditions as well as how cloudy the sky is. Today, weather forecasting completely depends on computer-based highly sophisticated models that are responsible for predicting weather after taking all atmospheric factors into account. However, this does not mean that human input is not required at all today in this process. It is still in use for selecting the most suitable forecast model to forecast weather correctly. This involves different pattern acknowledgment skills, a good understanding of often-connections, knowledge regarding how the model works, and much more. A perfect combination of this results in most accurate weather forecasting.

Advantages of weather forecasting

From air traffic to marine, agriculture to forestry, and utility companies to military applications, there is hardly any field today that is not using the perks of accurate weather forecasting. With correct atmosphere data in hand, most of the programs are planned accordingly and the results too are predicted precisely because of this. Let’s analyze some of the most favorable benefits of weather forecasting for us in all the fields.


Since the aviation industry is highly reliable on weather forecasting, this technology plays a very crucial role for them. Perfect prediction of weather allows the pilots to land safely and even stay mid-air comfortably. As they get to know about the upcoming thunderstorm and turbulence, they prepare their flying accordingly and even inform their staff members and passengers to take necessary actions in case of bad weather. • As people get to know about the wind direction in the sea right at the time, commercial and recreational activities happening in and around the sea are planned accordingly. This highly influences the safety and success of marine transit all over the world.


• Based on weather forecasting, farmers get to understand how to conduct their agriculture process and at what time. From drying hay to cutting crops, all these decisions are based on the weather conditions and they get to do these tasks successfully because of accurate weather prediction only. • For several military applications too, weather forecasting is highly significant and crucial. The practicing of different drills, movements, and activities are completely dependent on weather forecasting. Bad weather does not allow them to complete their tasks or get accurate signals from the satellite, thus disturbing their workflow. Weather predictions smoothen and fasten their work quite well.


One of the most important benefits of weather forecasting is that it helps a lot at the time of natural disasters. Be it hurricanes or windstorms, when people are informed about it in time, they evacuate the areas before the disasters strike. This ultimately brings down the overall damage ratio significantly. Since all these factors play a very important role in defining the kind of life we live, we must thank the inventors of weather forecasting for bestowing us with such a grateful and advantageous facility. It has certainly allowed us to live a more secure and sound life. Nothing can postpone or even cancel any kind of upcoming natural disorder. But with weather forecasting, we can surely prepare for it in advance and take necessary actions for our security.

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